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Hi there! My name is Kara, and this my multifandom blog. You'll mainly find anime related posts here, but there's the occasional randomness. I hope you don't mind my fangirling.


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black butler + screencaps (look who jumped on the bandwagon)
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"If you’re in so much pain, then eat.”

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What will you do, Mustang-kun?

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What amounts to a dream anymore? 

( broken bells — vaporize )

It doesn’t feel like we won, but for now the battle is over. We won. We protected our comrades.

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Please get off!
for Vanessa♥

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..but what if you found one to follow? what would you do?

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get to know me » favorite friendships [2/10]
↳ sawako, ayane and chizuru (kimi ni todoke)
"did you know? without realizing it … we were already friends!