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Eat, Kaneki.

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…means “hope”

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"Never make a contract with a man in a mask." -my totally awesome comparative lit professor on the Faustian Bargain.
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One Piece Favorites: A Talk in Alabasta
"In my case, things just happened to turn out like this. Or something like that anyways. The rest of the crew are like me, too. Our true objectives are different from his; we’re all trying to accomplish our own goals. Jeez, someone once said… that from the outside, we don’t appear to have any teamwork, since everyone is independent from the Captain. That’s a problem. But… what does ‘teamwork’ really mean anyway? Is it just about rescuing and protecting each other? There are people who believe that. But to me, that just sounds like kids playing around. Everyone should do what they can with their lives on the line, and then say to the next guy: ‘I did what I could. Now it’s your turn. If you don’t finish it, I’ll come kick your ass!’ Isn’t that how teamwork first comes about? When I look at it that way, I think it’s okay to have nakama that are wild and independent. That’s just how I think.
Why do we keep on being his nakama…? Since we’ve been together so long, another purpose has started to emerge.
"Another purpose?"
"Sorry, I can’t really tell what it is."

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Then winter will come… to cover everything in snow.

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You’ve worked hard, Karasuno.

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Juuzou Suzuya’s Gleeful Rampage | Episode 11

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Sharrkan - Episode 24

I just wanted an opponent I could face with everything I had. I’ve been longing for one. A game so close I’m not sure if I’ll win or lose.

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